About VGO Gambling Sites & Skins Trading.

VGO skins are wholly unique digital collectibles created with the blockchain technology. They are items designed for all the fans of online gaming who miss the old days of CS:GO skin collecting and trading. Their goal is to rekindle the spirit of the skin-centered community after Valve decided to end it by introducing severe restrictions.

To get VGO items, simply purchase them from a dedicated marketplace, such as OPSkins or other similar. Are VGO skins legit? Of course, and even more than that. They’re safer than ever thanks to the unhackable blockchain technology. Furthermore, they are 100% yours. This means there are no limitations put on the virtual trade.

How can you use VGO items? Since they’re based on blockchain, they can be collected, used as a currency on crypto stock exchanges, or used to join games such as the ones we offer on our platform. They can be also used in some games like The Forge Arena.
Keep in mind that VGO items can’t be used in CSGO!
Explore new possibilities with VGO – and have fun!